The best simple yet innovative ideas to decorate your home interior!

There is no such rule book that you should follow to change the look of your room. Whatever comes to your mind do that simply and change the look as per your desires.  Follow the creative ways to decor your room, home and kitchen. It is very simple and easy to do the decorations with some simple and tried things that you will easily find at your home. There is nothing like tricks or skills that you need to be masters for room decorations. Anyone can easily follow the simple steps and do the decorations of the home, room, and kitchen. Follow the simple makeover ideas for the new look.



Hang the canvas on the wall of the living area make sure that the canvas is painted with the latex color that will go with the room interior and give a brighter look to the blank wall of the living room. It would be even better if the canvas will cover the large area of the room wall.

Create a Side Table

Do the decorations with some storage space also and include the stack modular storage units. Keep your reading stuff there or the things that are needed on regular basis. So keep the side table or the stack modular storage unit to give your room a lively and modular look this time.

Plate’s decorations

You can also use the plates to hang on the living room wall as the plates are the next items that are used for the room decorations. Hanging plates will give your room a new look in a traditional way and it will not cost you much. You can also choose the better color combination as per your choice for the decorations and do magic on your blank wall.

Creative art

You can also do your own art on the walls of your room and kitchen, try hanging some of the photocopied or printed painting and see the magic of the art on the walls. Keep the paintings high over the gas ranges and leave some area beside the gas ranges for the routine work or on the living area and it will do the magic between the two glasses. Select some of the paintings that are related to the theme of your home and kitchen and hang them on the walls.

You can apply these changes to the walls of your kitchen and living area and you can also change the look of your bedroom wall with these decorations. Keep more pillows and cushions on your bed to make it look more appealing and attractive.


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