The best of the salon marketing ideas!

It would be good for any business if they get free advertising while providing their services to the customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if the customers will do an advertisement for the job you have done perfectly and wonderfully? There are many multiple ways to attract the customers or the crowd towards your business and then you can easily make them a regular customer.

Sign a deal with the photographers (local)

Photographers always want these opportunities to shoot the makeup artist and stylist for their own benefit. With these assignments photographer and the stylist both will get credit for any of their published photographs.

Capture your clients

Always keep a digital handy camera with you and take regular photographs of your cut and styles. Many people find them attractive and good after a haircut or styling and so they will be happy to give few poses for you.

Online marketing

Post the photographs online regularly on the various social networking sites along with the salon’s official website page. It may be the situation that visitors may give you a chance by looking at your best hair cut and styles that you have uploaded on any of your social networking sites.

 Be stylish

It will be a good impression on other if you would have a good hair cut yourself as no one wants to get a haircut with the bad one. Give some time to style yourself and become a model for everyone else out there.

Always keep business cards 

It is a good habit to keep a business card with you as if someone gives you a compliment and likes your style then you just hand them your business card.

Organize contests

If you organize contests over short time durations then you can invite multiple new customers to your business and ask them to follow on social media so as to get the latest updates of the contest. This kind of strategy will bring in invaluable customers for your business.

Become trendy

If you are into salon business then you should keep up with the latest trends and styles of the fashion industry. As with the launch of every new trend in the market, you may have a chance to become the top listed salon owner. It will help you get more customers willing to have latest fashion advice and trends.

Start a blog  

It is also a good and helpful way to advertise your business by writing a blog. You can write on anything that is related to the salon business like the best portable shampoo bowl reviews, planning, marketing ideas and many more.

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