Changes Encountered By Our Body With Increasing Age

There are so many changes in our body with our body because changes occur in individual cells and organs. The human body made up of various things like fats, lean tissues, bones, and water. Several studies show that after an age of 30, an average guy tends to lose its lean tissues. Bones may lose some minerals and become less dense. Our body organs also start losing some cells which lead to severe diseases. There are so many processes which are encountered by our body during the process of aging by our body which has been described by our body.


We can’t avoid the process of aging but we can slow it down by choosing a good lifestyle. Only a good lifestyle tackles the process of aging. There are so many factors which boost the process of aging like bad lifestyle, imbalanced diet etc.

Aging organs

The aging process decreases the number of cells in our body due to this our organs won’t properly. Cells also get old with aging and old cells don’t work well. With the aging process organs like kidneys, liver, testes start losing cells due to this our body get more prone to diseases.

The most function remains adequate but due to declining in some functions the ability to handle stress decreases. Some organs malfunction due to inability to bear stress.


The fats layer under the skin gets thin with the process of aging. The fat layer under the skin acts as a cushion which supports and protect skin. The nerve endings decreases due to this people become less sensitive to pain, temperature, and pressure etc. The blood circulation within the nerves also decreases since the body is unable to move more heat.

This gives rise to the wrinkles on the skin, production of flakes, and also dehydration of the skin. Thus, the people who require getting rid of the facial wrinkles may use skinfresh md advanced wrinkle moisturizer since it has all the essential ingredients such as Vitamin A and E, which help in keeping away those wrinkles from the face.

Digestive System

The digestive is less affected by the process of aging but there are some changes in the digestive system during the process of aging like esophagus cant expands forcefully. The elasticity of stomach gets decreases due to this stomach storage ability to store food decreases. The liver tends to become smaller due to a decrease in the number of liver cells but the process of aging can be slow down by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

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